Announcing the Launch of Ethics Suite

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We are proud to announce the launch of Ethics Suite, the first workplace misconduct, theft, and fraud reporting platform developed exclusively for the hospitality industry, with distinct, industry-wide reporting sites for the lodging and foodservice sectors:, and

This is the first confidential, independent, and anonymous method designed for hospitality employees to report to their employer any conduct that may be unethical, illegal, or in violation of workplace policies or professional standards.  These reports are accepted confidentially and shared with the business owner or their designated representative.  We believe this is the most effective way for an organization to remain informed about conduct that may impact their business before it becomes costly and unmanageable.  We also offer a complementary back-office system, MyEthicsSuite, that allows users to track each report, the actions taken in response, and final resolution. 

Founded by industry veterans who have investigated thousands of allegations in hotels, restaurants, bars, and casinos, we have seen first-hand the adverse impact this kind of misconduct can have on a business and its workforce.  We believe that this reporting channel will help our beloved industry form a united front against wrongdoing that will act as a powerful deterrent.

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