Does it Only Take a Blog?

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Pushing rock uphill

Are blogs as powerful as we’re being led to believe?  Well, maybe.

The sad truth about Uber is that the blog post receiving so much attention and credited with bringing down the company’s CEO was, in fact, one of many attempts to report through various mediums. It took great courage to write that post, and it was ultimately successful in prompting action.  But, every tool that gives an employee a channel for addressing concerns is only as important and powerful as an organization allows it to be.

The real question is not “How powerful is a blog?” but “How faulty are the reporting processes?”  It should not take a blog post, news reports, tweets, and multiple internal reporting attempts for an organization to pay attention to an employee’s concerns.

At the heart of the issue is the need for every employer, large or small, to listen to allegations of workplace misconduct and give them the attention they deserve before being forced to do so because of public indignation. Because it saves money? Yes. Because it saves time? Yes. Because it saves you from reputational damage? Yes. Because it is your obligation to provide a professional environment in which your employees can do their best work? Yes. But mostly, because it’s the right thing to do.

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