What is RestaurantEthics.com?

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RestaurantEthics.com LogoWhat is RestaurantEthics.com?

If you work in hospitality, chances are you may have witnessed misconduct, theft, or fraud at your workplace. You may be concerned about retaliation stemming from reporting these concerns or suspicions directly to your supervisors or company. We can help – we offer a simple, confidential, anonymous reporting site – as an independent third-party. RestaurantEthics.com, BarEthics.com and HotelEthics.com (operated by Ethics Suite) now provide a safe, simple, secure and ANONYMOUS way for you to report any wrongdoing to your employer.

How does it work?

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First, describe your concern and provide a few details about the name of the business and location of your report.  You can also attach documents or pictures to your report if you have any that you think might be helpful that you want to provide.

Once you submit your report, you’ll be provided a unique personal identification number (PIN) that you can use to log back in and check on your report, all while remaining anonymous. Once the Ethics Suite team receives your report, we pass it on to your employer or their designated representative so that they can be informed about your concern. Our system lets them post questions to you on the RestaurantEthics.com site, and you can log back in with your PIN to check for and answer these questions.  You can also see if any updates have been posted for you. Only you can see the questions and updates that are directed to you.

How do I know I’ll remain anonymous?

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You can add your name and email, but you don’t have to. It’s up to you. If you choose to remain anonymous, Ethics Suite does not make any attempt to capture identifying information. It’s that simple!

Any questions? Visit any one of the sites and click on “Ask Us Anything.” Want to know more about Ethics Suite? Click here to Meet the Founders.

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